Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Kat Dennings and Reece Thompson in a scene from the film

Described as being like, 'Juno as reimagined by David Lynch...' I'm not entirely sure if that's a good comparison but there are moments in this film that are abnormally cool, so to speak.

Daydream Nation features everything you'd expect from an indie teen film; a soundtrack featuring Stars, young guys experimenting with drugs, affairs with teachers, bike riding, house parties, cupcakes and of course Kat Dennings and Reece Thompson. I suck though, having not seen Reece Thompson in anything before seeing this film, so of course after falling in love with him after this I jumped onto imdb and wrote down everything he has been in followed by me going into work and searching all those films. (Yes, I can turn into a creep sometimes when it comes to cute male actors.)

This is a super cool teen film. It's dark in parts and hilarious in others. Reece Thompson's character is quirky and adorable. Kat Dennings is the new girl in school; confident and sexy. But I can't help but notice she has a 'Keira Knightley nose' (looks like she's constipated most of the time) which is kind of distracting and annoying. I had noticed this before when I saw her in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, I didn't let it ruin the movie for me then so this time was definitely no exception.

I highly recommend this film to those of you who love a quirky indie teen film. Sure they're making a heck load of them these days, but like I have said before, this is one film genre that isn't getting old for me.

Rating: 4/5