Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seven Days, Seven Movies

DAY ONE: Thelma and Louise

Some times I think that Ridley Scott has only ever made Sci-Fi films like Alien, Blade Runner & more recently, Prometheus. But he has actually made more action films (a lot with Russell Crowe starring in the main role), including the 1991 classic, Thelma and Louise.
Oh lord, I have wanted to watch this female-centred action flick for so long, I am so ashamed it has taken me this long. This film is a beauty, and I can see why it is so popular. I loved the empowerment it gave me as a female but it kinda made me wanna go break the law & wear high-waisted denim jeans. I think I'll just stick with the jeans though, regardless of how huge it makes your butt look.
Susan Sarandon & Geena Davis are such badass redheads. I wish there were more female characters like them. Quentin Tarantino's leading ladies probably come the closest.

DAY TWO: 30 Minutes or Less

Ehhhh. This is so disappointing! I don't know how they got this wrong because it stars the oh so hilarious Danny McBride (who was so goddamn funny in Pineapple Express as Red) and Aziz Ansari (who is Tom, the Indian wannabe African-American in Parks and Recreation). I should have expected as much though because it comes from Director Ruben Fleischer, who directed the the also very disappointing, Zombieland, which only had one funny scene featuring Bill Murray.
Just don't bother. There are no laughs here and you just end up scrolling through Instagram on your phone for the second half of the movie.

DAY THREE: Martha Marcy May Marlene

Elizabeth Olsen is my new favourite actress and is definitely the most normal looking of the Olsen sisters (and I mean that in a good way). This film, which is about a cult, is the most interesting film I have seen depicting a cult. It shows what it's like once you escape a cult and the effects it can have on your state of mind. There are also flashbacks of Olsen's time in the cult which are very eery and become more disturbing as the film progresses. 
The ending kind of leaves a lot of questions unanswered. This will definitely confuse certain people but if you can look past that you realise how haunting and moving this film is. The performances in it are unbelievably convincing. I highly recommend seeing this.
And if you watch it on DVD, be sure to check out the director's short film, Mary Last Seen, which depicts a girl's journey to the cult. It goes for about 15 minutes and is shot so beautifully. The ending is utterly creepy also.

DAY FOUR: My Week with Marilyn

Whoever thought this film could actually work? A true story depicting the time Marilyn Monroe spent in England to make Laurence Olivier's film, The Prince and the Showgirl, but to my surprise it has a strong story and Michelle Williams as Monroe is so utterly convincing you start to think she is the blonde bombshell.
I think the thing that makes this film so moving is Michelle Williams strong acting and the behind the scenes stuff we never got to see in the pictures. Marilyn Monroe was clearly a very sad person having grown up without her mother and father and a family to lean on.
It's such a great film and I frown upon the critics who say it is a film about nothing.

DAY FIVE: The Skin I Live In

I honestly think it's best to go in to this film not knowing anything about it. What happens in it is so unbelievable, I just don't want to give anything away. All I can say is persist with it, because for me I was confused for the first half and honestly didn't know where it was going, but after the halfway point the second half will just blow you away, it's such an eery and captivating film.
It is definitely my pick of the week and the best film I have seen since Drive.

DAY SIX: Friends With Kids

Yay! I love a film starring Saturday Night Live actors (Bridesmaids getting a worthy mention). This stars a bunch of Bridesmaids actors as well as some newbies. This film really opened my eyes to what it's like being in your 30s and being married with kids and all that crap (so glad it's another 10 years away for me).
I honestly thought this wasn't going to be all that amazing but it was surprisingly good. It's one of those 'dramedy' movies (funny yet serious), that make you go, 'hey, that was actually really entertaining,' at the end. My friend Larissa and I were very pleased we spent our afternoon cinema session viewing this one.
The only sad part is my all time favourite, Kristen Wiig, plays a really disappointing character and doesn't provide any laughs and is miserable for most of the movie. Boo!

DAY SEVEN: Kramer vs Kramer

1970s Meryl Streep = total babe! Aside from that, Kramer vs Kramer is a very real story about divorce and parenting. In a time when divorce probably wasn't that common, this film would have been groundbreaking for it's time, which is probably why it received many Oscar wins, including Best Picture. This film will have you sobbing at the end. A great film that is still moving and believable to this day.