Thursday, September 22, 2011


Michael Angarano and Reece Thompson in a scene from the film

Two names: Michael Angarano and Reece Thompson.
These two guys star in Max Winkler's (Harry Winkler's (The Fonz) son) debut film; Ceremony.

Michael Angarano is none other than little William from Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous who shouted in the backseat of his mum's car, "I'm eleven? ELEVEN?!" He is also Jack McFarland's sperm donor child, Elliott in Will & Grace. Now Angarano is 24-years-old and I gotta tell you, he is babe'n!
The other guy I mentioned; Reece Thompson, a name you will have recognised from my last review, is the main reason I hired this film and being the bitch I am, I have now lost interest in him and have developed a crush on Angarano. Something about that mustache in the first third of the film and his slicked back hair just made me go, "Ohhhh yep."

So as for the film, it's got a lot of cool things about it; witty banter, and an awesome party that I so badly wanted to be a part of and indie fashion (think wayfarers, cardigans, old-school suits).
Being Winkler's first film though, I'm not going to be totally harsh. The film had a lot of promise what with the cast and all but the story was kind of lacking and for the second half I found myself playing Monopoly on my iPhone whilst taking occasional glances at the screen, (yeahhh never a good thing).

It wasn't a completely disappointing film, I just felt that it started out so well but just kind of fell flat at the end. Plus I wasn't really buying the relationship between Angarano and Uma Thurman. That or I was feeling a little envious of Thurman...

Rating: 2.5/5