Thursday, November 15, 2012

TV - Top 3 Series I'm Currently Watching

I have done it before and I am going to do it again! Yes, the name of this blog is Elly's Film Review, so naturally I should be reviewing films but goshdarnit! I got away with talking about Mad Men way back so I'm going to tackle television series again.
Lets face it, television series are fast becoming more respected and recognised as an impressive medium. Most people these days are discussing the latest episode of their favourite HBO series rather than the latest blockbuster Hollywood has turned out.
One thing that's hard to tackle with TV Series is the amount of time it consumes in your everyday life, and keeping up with all the latest greatest shows! I have so many on my list that I am dying to see but just don't have the time to fit them in (out of fear I'll replace socialising and sleeping with sitting in front of the screen for hours on end).
But I have managed to fit some in to my life that I am going to mention today and encourage you to watch (if you can fit in the time).


I came across this show last year when I was producing and hosting a radio show called Coffee and TV. Each week I talked about a particular genre of television and when Science Fiction came along I was told I should talk about Fringe on the radio show. To be honest, I was really reluctant about watching this series as I had heard it had done badly on Australian television and had been moved to a really late time slot. But then I was like, well most Australian audiences suck! That's why we have shows like Two and a Half Men and Being Lara Bingle on at prime-time time slots. So I checked it out.

It's a captivating story about Olivia Dunham, an FBI agent, who loses her partner/lover in weird circumstances and decides to stop at nothing to find out what caused his bizarre undoing. She collects a team consisting of an insane scientist and his estranged son, along with FBI agent; Astrid and they begin to work together to solve strange crimes in the Fringe Division.

But it isn't your typical police/crime/sci-fi series. There is some serious back story to this show and incredible character development. There are also some really hilarious moments! Mainly consisting of Walter and his obsession with food. This show will immediately grab you and keep you hanging for more. Not only that, it is insanely creative and there is an amazing animated episode to look forward to in Season Three.

At the moment I am just over halfway through Season Four and I can honestly tell you it just keeps getting better. In America they are currently screening Season Five and it will be the last season of the series which is extremely saddening for me to hear as I have become so attached to this story and its characters. I highly recommend this series to those of you who like to use their brain when it comes to television as it will absolutely do your head in, but in a good way. I can't wait to see what the rest of this show has left to offer! Also invest a lot of time in it as there are 24 episodes per season and the first season's episodes run for about 50-55 minutes. The remaining seasons are about 40-45 minutes.


It was my 13-year-old cousin, Harry who got me onto this hilarious animated series. Sure it's on Cartoon Network and from that you'd suppose it's directed only at a children's market but think again! This is full of so much adult humor I can't get through an episode without crying from laughter and occasionally thinking, hmmm peeps under the age of 12 probably shouldn't watch this/they won't get it.

The show follows best friends Finn the human and Jake the dog who seek adventure in some amazing lands where we meet some very interesting characters. One character who is highly worth mentioning is LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) who hales from Lumpy Space! She is a hilarious character with a hilarious voice to match who is constantly talking about her love for Brad, whilst embracing her lumps and hating on others who don't get her.

I have only seen about 20 episodes from this series but it's enough to fall in love with it and boy do I want to see more. My 13-year-old cousin has promised me a day long marathon soon, whoop! It has also encouraged a huge fan base! I have met so many people in their 20s who love and quote this show. When I was in America, on a recent holiday I went into stores and there was so much Adventure Time merchandise around, including Finn's famous white hat with ears! I contemplated getting it but decided I was too broke to make the purchase as it was the last day of my travels (have regretted that decision ever since, but thank goodness for Internet shopping!) I also found myself exclaiming, "MY BEANSSSS!" every now and again, which of course was said by LSP in an episode when her can of beans are knocked over onto a camp fire. Trust me, it's hilarious.

I can't stop spreading the word about this series. Seriously, get on it! You will not be disappointed.


I really don't think I have to describe how awesome this show is. I think everyone who loves television has seen or is currently viewing this excellent series. It's one of those shows that just keeps getting better and better. It is truly phenomenal how intense each season gets, just when you think they can't pull any more crazy shit on you, they leave you with another 'mouth-wide-open' ending. 

Currently, I am up to Season Five. I only just finished Season Four a couple of weeks ago and I watched the second half of that season in one day. I was so impatient to see what happened next I couldn't wait any longer. The ending of that season literally left me saying, 'Whaaaa?! No Fucking Way!!!' (and that's a good thing). I am really anxious/sad to begin watching Season Five as I know it will be the beginning of the end. Yes, sadly, Season Five will be the last of this phenomenal television series. But they are doing something really brilliant by splitting it into two halves. The first half has already finished airing in America and I believe we will see the second half some time next year.

I really shouldn't have to tell you what makes this show so great. Just start watching it immediately and you'll see why. It is without a doubt the best television show on TV right now. But in saying that I haven't seen Homeland yet, which I hear comes pretty darn close. So perhaps I should get started on that series pretty soon.