Monday, April 22, 2013

Celeste & Jesse Forever

Every so often a film comes out of Hollywood that doesn't sugar-coat relationships and portrays them so realistically you feel like you just experienced (or possibly have experienced) what you just saw on the screen. This is exactly what Celeste & Jesse Forever does.

Rashida Jones (Celeste) & Will McCormack (Skillz) are the writers of this story and also star in the film. Andy Samberg plays Jones' other half; Jesse. Jones and Samberg stick to their comedic humour we know and love but also take on serious roles for a lot of the film. It's so refreshing to see these two in these roles and they do it so well.

The film opens with snapshots of their happy relationship and then we see them talking and acting like a couple that are inseparable, then we cut to a restaurant scene with friends. Jesse and Celeste comically discuss the menu in a German accent when their friend Beth (Ari Graynor) cuts them off and exclaims, 'What are you two doing? You guys have been separated for 6 months... and you spend everyday together like it's no big deal.' So what we thought was a perfect relationship, is actually a pair separated. It's such a brilliant opening to a film and paths the way for a great story.

This film is mostly totally told from the female point-of-view and I often related to Jones' character having experienced similar things after a breakup. Celeste goes through all the waves of post breakup habits, talking shit on dates; finishing bottles of ranch sauce in one sitting; passing out on a pool lilo; running for miles and miles... you know the usual.
I think a lot of people will be able to relate to these characters. One thing that really echoed with me is how you can go from knowing someone so much and spending everyday with them to not knowing much and barely seeing them at all.

This film tackles a lot of heartbreak and depressing moments but it does it with a sense of humour and never strays from comical moments which is what makes it so refreshing. You also get to see Elijah Wood play a homosexual, so that's pretty awesome! I have nothing but positive things to say about this film, go see it!

Rating: 4/5