Monday, March 15, 2010

Paper Heart

Michael Cera & Charlyne Yi in a scene from the film

Well it's been 10 months since I first saw the trailer for Paper Heart but now I can finally say I have seen it! (yay)
Paper Heart is absolutely delightful, I couldn't help but smile throughout it.

The film/doco, (it is part doco part scripted but the creators want you to think it's all doco but it is clearly very scripted in parts) follows Charlyne Yi (comedian/musician) on her quest to understand Love. Yi believes that she has never been and never will fall in love so she is determined to find out people's views and experiences on the topic of Love. But to audience's delight Yi possibly begins to find love in the always adorable, Michael Cera and this is where it begins to feel more scripted rather than real. But that doesn't make the film any less enjoyable.

I have to admit I have such a soft spot for Michael Cera and couldn't help but get a little excited by the thought of possibly seeing the real him (still not really sure if I did or not but I'm pretty satisfied). After seeing him play the same character pretty much all the time I fell in love with this shy, sensitive, awkward guy and just hoped that this was who I was going to see in the film. You do pretty much get that same character so smiles all around for Cera fans :)

The interviews Charlyne has with various couples and the use of her puppetry to describe their stories is so adorable. The interview she has with the children in the playground is also a highlight in the film. I really enjoyed the style of the film whether it be the documentary or scripted parts, it was a very entertaining 90 minutes.

This is a very hard film to get your hands on though unfortunately but it's worth hunting around for.

Rating: 4/5

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