Friday, May 20, 2011


David Lynch. Painter. Filmmaker. Musician. Iconic. Genius. Unique. So damn cool. (oh & babe.)

Just some words that come to mind when I think of David Lynch. Just in case you didn't notice... I am a fan of the man that is David Lynch. I have been obsessed with him ever since viewing Mulholland Drive. I may have caught on late but after seeing some of his other gems like Blue Velvet & the best TV show ever created: Twin Peaks!!! I have gone crazy over this guy, grabbing as many books as I can on the guy and reading as much as I can about him. It was after reading Lynch on Lynch that I became interested in his film Wild At Heart. I finally saw this film a week ago and let me tell you, my feelings for Lynch have not changed, the film made me love him even more. (Yes in my fantasy world I am madly in love with Lynch).

Wild At Heart is so Lynch-esque. It's dark, hilarious in parts, totally whack and inspiringly creative. I loved his use of close-up shots of something as simple as lighting a match and then the smoking of a cigarette. The sound effects used in this re-occurring shot are also amazing. I love Lynch's use of sound in his film, it's so creative and intense. The story follows young lovers Lula and Sailor on the run from Lula's overprotective mother, Marietta (who is a total nut by the way and covers her entire face in red lipstick at one point in the film - amazing scene!). In amongst this long road trip we are encountered with some strange characters, Bobby Peru being a noteworthy mention (boy is he a scary looking man). Another noteworthy mention is a scene where Lula is talking about her crazy cousin Dell. It is completely unrelated to the storyline but it's such a great moment in the film where we see a little moment of Dell's mannerisms and for that short moment you are left in hysterics. I have re-watched it on YouTube so many times and laugh every time.

I really could go on and on about this film. It is high up there now with my favourite films of all time. I could not get enough of it. I am a biased Lynch fan but fuck it, I'm giving this a very high rating.

Rating: 5/5

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