Saturday, June 4, 2011


Vera and the babe aka my new obsession...

I literally just finished watching Unmade Beds. Yes I can't hold back the excitement, I have to type this now, that's how freaking amazing this film was. I'm sure this review will be poorly written but alas I am way to antsy, fingers must type away now.

So why did I see this film? One of my favourite customers happened to return it this evening & upon returning it informed me that she Loved this film. Without hesitation I returned it in the system & then immediately brought up my name & scanned that baby!

The film is set in London where foreigners, Vera & Axl are living/visiting. They both live in the same warehouse but they don't come acquainted til two thirds into the film. Axl is sweet & all but Vera totally stole it for me. Her story is such an intriguing one. It seems she has just broken up with her boyfriend and in amongst getting over him, she meets a strange man in a bar. They spend a night together in a motel where they just sleep & nothing more. Then as fate has it they run into each other again and after that encounter they decide to keep seeing each other but never exchange numbers or tell each other their names; just set a date and place and meet up. This relationship they share is so exciting and the way it's shown is done so beautifully. For example, one time when they meet we are shown clips of them catching a train, walking along a beach, smoking cigarettes and overhead we hear a conversation between them where they reveal a secret about themselves. Visually it is so beautiful but we never see them have this conversation we just hear it. So good!

I got to tell you I am so in love with this man that Vera shares this unusual relationship with. He got me giddy from the get go. This may lead to me watching every film he has ever been in... Yes once I see a babe in a film I am all over that (I am a creep).

This film was told and shot so beautifully. It makes me really appreciate being young and makes me want to make the most of my youth whilst it's still around... I kind of just want to party now and meet a boy. Yep.

Rating: 4.5/5

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