Sunday, June 19, 2011


Kidman and Eckhart in a scene from the film

Okay, unlike a lot of people out there, I am not a Nicole Kidman hater. She doesn't shit me. I can see why some get irritated by her, but fortunately I can still watch films starring her and not want to throw myself off a bridge by the end of it. So with that being said, I was really looking forward to seeing Rabbit Hole starring Kidman of course and the awesome Aaron Eckhart (awesome because he was awesome in Thank You for Smoking... enough said). The film tells the story of Becca and Howie who are coping with the fact that their son died eight months ago. It's a hard topic to handle for Shortbus director John Cameron Mitchell, (yes I couldn't quite believe it either... from Shortbus to Rabbit Hole, very interesting indeed) but he does it well.

Visually this film is shot beautifully. I really appreciate it when a film captures the small things and takes pleasure in them. Such as the simple moment of Kidman planting a flower in the beginning of the film where we see Kidman in focus and then the camera focuses on the flower. Simple. Beautiful. Mmmm yeah.

I also really liked Miles Teller in the film, a bit of a newcomer and someone I think we'll be seeing a lot of in the future. I won't go into detail who his character is but what I loved about his character was in the beginning we didn't see his face but rather these drawings he was creating for his comic book, 'Rabbit Hole.' (ahhh link to the title of the film!) The illustrations are so amazing to look at and are quite original in style. Whoever they got to draw those in the film is seriously talented.

I truly enjoyed this film. I was completely engrossed in the characters' lives from beginning to end and even got a little teary! (Always a good sign for me)

So I highly recommend to check it out unless you are one of those Nicole Kidman haters... shame on you! She was totally awesome in Moulin Rouge! Yep, I said it.

Rating: 4/5

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