Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Education

Peter Sarsgaard & Carey Mulligan in a scene from the film

Haven't we all met this person once in our lives? The one that changed your life, that up until you met them your life was boring and had nothing. This person introduces you to new things and suddenly everything becomes fun. I definitely met this person once in my life but mine wasn't an older man like Jenny's (Mulligan) in An Education.

An Education follows Jenny, a 16-year-old girl studying hard in highschool so she can attend Oxford University. Her father (Alfred Molina) pushes her to work hard and focus mainly on her studies. But when Jenny meets David (Sarsgaard) she's willing (and so are her parents) to throw away her future and spend the rest of her life with this man and "have fun!"

The title suggests that one can get an education from more than just school; you can also get it through life experiences. Jenny may be well educated in school but meeting David and his older friends teaches her something completely different. Although she feels grown up with these people she still has a lot of growing up to do. It shows how one can be so naive at the young age of 16. But even foolishly, her parents fool for David's charms, so perhaps we can't all be well educated when it comes to life.

An Education is definitely an education for those watching. Being able to relate to it also helped with my understanding of the film. I absolutely adored Carey Mulligan in this film, she's deinitely one to watch in the future. I highly recommend this film to people of all ages. It may be very eye opening to some and 'educational' for others.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Great review Elly! I'm definitely going to watch this soon now :)